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Benefits in Using Temps Instead of Hiring Perm

  • The company is spared the effort and expense of locating, hiring and training employees who will be there for a limited number of weeks or months. This fulfillment of fluctuating needs is one of the strongest reasons for using temporary workers.
  • Employees trained in certain specific occupations can be used to cover critical vacancies until the company can successfully recruit to fills its needs. These trained individuals can also be used to cover for illnesses, vacations and leaves of absence. Presently in some businesses the key reasons for using specific kinds of temps are the shortage of adequate staff and the difficulties experienced in recruiting critically needed personnel.
  • Cornerstone temps come already trained in the basics of the job and may require only minimal orientation.
  • The rate paid to Cornerstone Recruiting for a temp includes the person's pay and benefits This alternative can be more economical than paying overtime premium to regular staff to cover a short-term need.
  • It's not necessary to be concerned with the details of payroll and benefits; in fact, an entire crew of temporaries from Cornerstone can be covered by a single payment to the agency every week or two.

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