Do You Think Recruiting Might Be For You? (We’re Hiring!)

At Cornerstone Recruiting, we have made thousands of successful placements with clients all over the country. It’s a big reason why we have some of the same clients we have had for the last 15 years. Now, what I am going to say next may come as a surprise to you…but the single toughest position for us to fill, as professional recruiters, is hands down, our own internal Recruiter position. You would think that since we do this for a living we could spot a good recruiter when we see one. It should be easy! It’s what we do…every…single…day. This could not be further from the truth.

We have found that recruiters are not one size fits all. There is no mold that produces an effective recruiter time and time again. We have come to the understanding that a really good recruiter is actually a rare breed but they can come from different backgrounds and life experiences.. We have interviewed many candidates from other agency side recruiting firms, corporate recruiters, and HR professionals alike- but at the end of the day, the best hires we have made as a company, started with a conversation with someone, who at the time may had not even considered recruiting as a career path for them. Are you interested in learning more about why a recruiting career might be a fit for you? Meet some of our staff and hear it from them…

We asked our most recent hire, Mike Murphy (former Head Golf Professional at a Country Club) about what he has found that surprised him the most about the recruiting industry.

“I couldn’t believe how well my previous business experience translated to this industry. As a Head Golf Professional, I love helping and teaching people. I also enjoyed getting to know people. One of my favorite things about recruiting is getting to know so many people, solving the problem of finding out what they want and matching their needs to fit the needs of our clients. Being a match maker is a way I get to help our clients and candidates, and get paid to do it!”

EJ O’Bryant was asked the same question, as he was hired fresh out of College as a new graduate.

“I could not believe the amount of financial success I was able to have once I immersed myself into the career. I learned to create a routine and continually improve my strategies for finding candidates and clients and the results have been shocking.”

As the most experienced recruiter in our office, we asked Pauline Wheeler, what advice she would have for anyone interested in a career in recruiting.

“You must LOVE sales. Recruiting is great for the individual that likes to build relationships, gets a thrill from anticipating what could go wrong, before it does, and use the WIN to propel them to the next one.”

So if you are on the job market, reconsidering your career choice, or simply do not feel fulfilled in your current career…no matter what it is….ask your self the following questions.

Do you love sales? Do you like getting to know people? Do you enjoy helping people? Do you want the opportunity to make really good money? Do you like building relationships with people? Yes? We want to hear from you!!

For more information about us, please visit our website: If you are interested in applying for a Recruiting position, please send your resume to for immediate consideration.

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