Should I Accept A Counter Offer? No.

Let’s say you’ve been with a company for a while. A couple of years. Maybe more. There were good times. But lately, something just feels off. You’re bored, disengaged, and you can’t seem to motivate yourself to love the job and the company the way you used to. You start looking (very casually, mind you), for a new job. You start by reading up on the smartest ways to find better opportunities and grab some free tools on streamlining the job search. You’re very busy, so you look when you can.

Eventually, you hit a match. The new opportunity isn’t perfect (no job or employer is), but the company’s mission and the role excite you — and you’re craving a change. A chance to develop a whole new set of skills. The ability to expand your network and collaborate with different people. You get the offer. The pay is good. More than you’re making. The benefits are roughly the same. The work is interesting and cutting-edge. You decide to take the job. You’ve resolved that it’s time to move on.

Check out this article outlining why you should never look back.

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