Millions Lose Unemployment Benefits As Support Programs Expire

Many of the Biden Administration’s economic relief programs expire Monday September 7th, 2021, leaving only a few support programs to aid the jobless. It has been estimated that as many as 8.9MM Americans will lose all or a large portion of their economic aid, which should certainly help boost participation in the work force.

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Construction Conferences Coming to a City Near You?

Trade shows and conferences provide contractors with an effective means of learning about new technologies and ways of doing business. Last year, however, many events were forced entirely online because of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, with vaccinations being rolled out across the U.S. and case numbers decreasing, conferences are returning to their in-person roots. Follow this link to see a full list of construction related conferences through 2022.

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The Need For New Industrial Real Estate Is Booming- But Construction Costs Continue To Rise

A recent report from CBRE suggests that the United States will need to add an additional 330MM square feet of industrial warehouse space, dedicated to online fulfillment, by 2025 to keep up with a 26% increase in e-commerce sales. Vacancy rates have been low across the country for industrial real estate space, however companies can expect to pay 25% more to build the new spaces that are desperately needed.

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“The Money Machine” To Air On JUL-TV In July

In July, “The Money Machine,” a documentary show dedicated to showcasing the benefits of working in the trades as potential career paths for young people, will begin airing on platform JUL-TV. The channel, which is available on Roku devices, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick and similar devices, will air one episode a week, with eight confirmed episodes and a chance to produce more, Tom Julian, president of JUL-TV told Construction Dive.

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Maryland Scaling Back Pandemic Related Unemployment Benefits

Governor Larry Hogan today announced that Maryland will be discontinuing the following temporary federal unemployment insurance programs on Saturday, July 3, 2021:
-Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC)
-Mixed Earners Unemployment Compensation (MEUC)
-Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) 
-Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)

Claimants will no longer be able to submit new applications for the federal programs after the end date on July 3. Maryland’s Division of Unemployment Insurance will process all federal claims received prior to July 3. If claimants are waiting to receive an eligibility determination for any of these four federal programs, the Division will ensure that they receive all payments owed to them for all weeks prior to July 3 that they are determined eligible for.

Continued Participation in Federal Programs Benefiting Employers and Non-ProfitsMaryland will continue to participate in the following programs that provide benefits to employers and non-profits, through September 4, 2021:
-Temporary Full Federal Funding for Employers of the First Week of Compensable Regular Unemployment
-Emergency Unemployment Relief for Government Entities and Nonprofits (Reimbursing Employers) 
*** The 50% partial reimbursements apply to all payments made for weeks of unemployment ending on March 21, 2020, through April 3, 2021. 
*** The 75% partial reimbursements apply to all payments made for weeks of unemployment ending on April 10, 2020, through September 4, 2021.
-100% Federal Reimbursement of Work Sharing Benefits
*** Note that work share claimants will not receive the $300 weekly supplement through the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) program for weeks of unemployment ending after the programs are discontinued on July 3. 

Reinstatement of Work Search Requirements on July 4Beginning the week of July 4, Labor will reinstate the standard requirement for all regular state unemployment insurance claimants to actively search for work by engaging in three reemployment activities each week. If claimants do not complete three reemployment activities each week, they may be determined ineligible to receive regular state unemployment insurance benefits. All claimants will receive detailed instructions about the reinstatement of the work search requirement in the coming weeks.

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Covid Vaccinations- What Can An Employer Ask?

According to the EEOC, employers can ask prospective employees if they have received the covid vaccine prior to making them a job offer. Employers can also require current and prospective employees to get the covid vaccine to work at their company, with a few exceptions.

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Construction Momentum Gaining Steam, Uncertainty Still Looms

The future of construction looks bright and industry momentum sits at a 12 year high, according to the Dodge Momentum Index. With contractors facing unprecedented cost increases, supply chain disruptions, and worker shortages- how companies will approach the coming growth is still uncertain. From our perspective, we feel unemployment benefits need to start getting peeled back. Contractors need to get aggressive with hiring and be ready to train younger and/or new talent looking to return to the workforce as the pandemic wanes.

“The fact that employment has stalled — despite strong demand for new homes, remodeling of all types and selected categories of nonresidential projects — suggests that contractors can’t get either the materials or the workers they need,” Simonson said.

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A Busy 5 Years Coming for Road Builders

“Regardless of which plan we go with here, the Republican plan, our baseline forecast or the American Jobs Plan, there’s a huge step [up] here for road and bridge construction over the coming five years,” Branch said on a webinar this week. He added that the environmental public works sector, which includes water infrastructure, sewers, dams and reclamation projects, would also see “a huge improvement over current funding assumptions” under any of the three scenarios.

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If You Want To Work…Jobs Are Readily Available

“The skilled trades are in dire need of workers right now, with a particularly high demand for apprentice-level and skilled labor positions. These are steady, well-paying jobs that hold a bright future, even in an unpredictable economic climate,” said Jill Quinn, executive leader of PeopleReady Skilled Trades. “For the millions of Americans who are struggling in their job hunt right now, our message is simple: Consider a career in the skilled trades.”

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U.S. Manufacturers Are Desperate For Workers

With Covid lurking, unemployment remains high across most sectors. However, this is not the case in the U.S. Manufacturing industry. Throughout the pandemic manufacturers have lost 1 in every 10 jobs. This was far better than many other sectors, including service jobs, which lost nearly 6 of every 10. To protect from a post pandemic recession, America needs the manufacturing industry to bounce back. The opportunity is there. The jobs are available, but unfortunately the qualified skilled worker is harder to find than likely ever before.

“I’ve never seen it this bad,” said Arnold, president of Look Trailers, based in Middlebury, Indiana. Look builds utility trailers, which are in heavy demand from small businesses such as landscapers and plumbers as well as hobbyists who use them to haul motorcycles or other bulky sports equipment.

The lack of workers means lost business for Arnold and his customers. One of his dealers normally has about $2 million in inventory on his lot, but right now only has about $200,000. The average price of a trailer is $3,400.

Wages at his trailer factories are already far above state or federal minimums. The average starting pay is $19 an hour, while workers with skills such as welders make $24 an hour or more. “People talk about the oil boom in the Dakotas – how workers would get in their car and drive out to get jobs,” he said. “We have the same thing here, a jobs boom. But nobody’s coming.”

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