President Biden To Unveil Multi Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Plan Next Week

“Build back better” becoming a reality? According to the NY Times, Biden’s infrastructure program is slated to total between $3-$4 Trillion and aims to create 5 Million new jobs while restoring all of the jobs lost in the broader economy during the past year due to the Covid 19 crisis.

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Top 5 Hiring Trends for 2021- What to know

The job market is ever changing and always transforming, and 2021 will be no different. We are still seeing unemployment levels that are too high, but the job market remains hot. Industry analysts believe that as vaccinations continue to roll out- there is a major likelihood of a bounce back year in store for some hard hit industries. Filling the skills gap has never been more important. Click here to prepare yourself for the coming trends for hiring in 2021.

Do You Think Recruiting Might Be For You? (We’re Hiring!)

At Cornerstone Recruiting, we have made thousands of successful placements with clients all over the country. It’s a big reason why we have some of the same clients we have had for the last 15 years. Now, what I am going to say next may come as a surprise to you…but the single toughest position for us to fill, as professional recruiters, is hands down, our own internal Recruiter position. You would think that since we do this for a living we could spot a good recruiter when we see one. It should be easy! It’s what we do…every…single…day. This could not be further from the truth.

We have found that recruiters are not one size fits all. There is no mold that produces an effective recruiter time and time again. We have come to the understanding that a really good recruiter is actually a rare breed but they can come from different backgrounds and life experiences.. We have interviewed many candidates from other agency side recruiting firms, corporate recruiters, and HR professionals alike- but at the end of the day, the best hires we have made as a company, started with a conversation with someone, who at the time may had not even considered recruiting as a career path for them. Are you interested in learning more about why a recruiting career might be a fit for you? Meet some of our staff and hear it from them…

We asked our most recent hire, Mike Murphy (former Head Golf Professional at a Country Club) about what he has found that surprised him the most about the recruiting industry.

“I couldn’t believe how well my previous business experience translated to this industry. As a Head Golf Professional, I love helping and teaching people. I also enjoyed getting to know people. One of my favorite things about recruiting is getting to know so many people, solving the problem of finding out what they want and matching their needs to fit the needs of our clients. Being a match maker is a way I get to help our clients and candidates, and get paid to do it!”

EJ O’Bryant was asked the same question, as he was hired fresh out of College as a new graduate.

“I could not believe the amount of financial success I was able to have once I immersed myself into the career. I learned to create a routine and continually improve my strategies for finding candidates and clients and the results have been shocking.”

As the most experienced recruiter in our office, we asked Pauline Wheeler, what advice she would have for anyone interested in a career in recruiting.

“You must LOVE sales. Recruiting is great for the individual that likes to build relationships, gets a thrill from anticipating what could go wrong, before it does, and use the WIN to propel them to the next one.”

So if you are on the job market, reconsidering your career choice, or simply do not feel fulfilled in your current career…no matter what it is….ask your self the following questions.

Do you love sales? Do you like getting to know people? Do you enjoy helping people? Do you want the opportunity to make really good money? Do you like building relationships with people? Yes? We want to hear from you!!

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From The Athletic Field to the Board Room

When I was 12 years old I attended a prestigious basketball camp with tons of great young players from around the country. One of the guest speakers that week was future Hall of Fame basketball coach, Hubie Brown. We all sat around the gym in a huge circle and for an hour, Coach Brown talked to us about life and athletics…basketball in particular, and how the vast majority of us sitting there were not going to be professional athletes. He spoke enthusiastically about how almost all of us were going to be “going pro” in something other than our beloved sport. He talked about how we could use the skills and experiences from athletics and turn them into meaningful life lessons that would translate into every aspect of our lives. One thing he said that day still resonates with me today. He said “Don’t let basketball use you, you use basketball.” Now as a 12 year old, I didn’t quite get the entirety of his message, but as I sit here today, his message rings clear.

As a recruiter, we get the opportunity to speak with Hiring Managers on a daily basis, and I will tell you, it is true that the large majority of Hiring Managers love to speak with candidates who have had former athletic success. But why? What makes athletics so special? If you are a former athlete and you are interested in how you can leverage your experience and translate it into today’s job market to jumpstart your career, this is for you. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and break down what Hubie Brown was telling all those kids 25 years ago on that hot, summer day…

After being recruited, essentially interviewed, and being selected for the team you arrive on campus, or in the office for your first day. Nerves are high, but you handle them. You meet your teammates and you start training. This is just the beginning of a long career and it’s imperative you make a good impression. You start putting in the work from day 1. This is the time you start to show your coach and teammates who you are and what you are all about. Competitive. Hard worker. Team player. You show up on time, you listen & learn, you try hard, and take in everything around you. A new career, or a new team- these learned skills and experiences are virtually the same.

A few months in, and practice starts. Real games won’t start for another 4 weeks. This is when you do all the little things. You get to the gym or office early to get in extra reps. You make personal goals, study the playbook, and put in extra effort anywhere you can. You dive on loose balls, and you win the sprints. When practice is over, or the office is closed for the day- you stay late until you make 20 straight free throws. As an athlete on the playing field, or early in your career looking to hone your craft- these are the things you need to be doing for yourself and for your team. It will not go unnoticed. These are some of the traits that make athletes desirable, so don’t forget them.

The season officially starts. Now it is GAME TIME. Bosses and coaches are usually pretty smart. They schedule you with winnable games, or projects, early on. They know you will make mistakes but they want to see how you and your team will handle them together. Athletes find a way to win these games. It’s important you find a way to win these games, your coach/boss expects you to. They were scheduled here for a reason. It’s also important to help your teammates as you are now forming your role and shaping your future with this team. Lead by example- when you are on the court, or handling a project- this is your time to earn more playing time. Find a way to make yourself imperative to the success of your team. Rely on the little things you trained on and execute because you have prepared yourself for success- thats what athletes do.

Next up is the conference schedule, and not to mention- mid terms and papers are piling up. You have to learn to balance your time. This is where promotions/playing time is earned. It’s TIME TO GRIND. The games are bigger and the projects are more important. Some players will earn less playing time, and some will earn more. These are the most important projects to date and your coach/boss is looking for his top performers who give CONSISTENT maximum effort. Be that person. BE CONFIDENT. There are going to be obstacles along the way, rowdy crowds, and set backs. Keep your head up, stay focused and positive, and meet this adversity with a tough, competitive spirit. These are some of the abilities athletes bring to the table.

Well into your new position/season and your body is sore and mentally you feel fatigued. Multiple tests are coming, and big papers are due. But it’s TOURNAMENT TIME. Be a GAMER. Push yourself to raise the bar for not only you, but for all those around you. PLAY SMART. PLAY HARD. PLAY WITH PASSION. BE COMPETITIVE. And most importantly, EXECUTE and MAKE PLAYS. The best performers, on the court or in the office, find a way to do this on the biggest stage. Thats why you were recruited. That’s why you are on the court. And thats why employers want to hire you.

Looking back, what Hubie said makes total sense. There is no better preparation for your career like athletics. So remember, “Use basketball, don’t let basketball use you.”

Predictive Index Tests- How Should Employers Use Them?

I’d be willing to bet at some point in time, you have been laying around on a lazy Sunday, scrolling through facebook, and you’ve clicked on a test. “What Flavor Ice Cream Are You”, or “What is your spirit Animal?” We all know those silly tests, and for some reason people do enjoy taking them. In my thirteen years in the recruiting business, I have personally begun to see more and more companies RELYING on predictive index testing to help make crucial hiring decisions. The latest research suggests that thousands of companies and more than 18 Million candidates took a predictive index test, in some form, while interviewing for a job in 2020. Should we be using these assessments to make critical hiring decisions? That’s a loaded question, but I think the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

There are pros to using a behavioral index test or a cognitive index test. They give the interviewer a sneak peak behind the curtain of who is sitting in front of them. Advocates say it helps remove bias from the interview process and can give an employer a set of data they otherwise would not have on where a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses may lie. There are also cons to these assessments. Candidates can lie and fake answers which completely would make the rest of the interview process flawed. These assessments also do not give the employer the whole picture of a candidate- just specific traits on how they portray themselves. Some people argue the tests can, by nature, be discriminatory. So how should we use them? Or better yet, how should we NOT use them?

If you are currently using a predictive index tests early on in your interview process, I think that’s a fine thing to do. However, if you are then using these assessments to weed out candidates early on in the process, you are doing it all wrong. Very wrong. And I can guarantee it is having a negative impact on your companies hiring practices. Companies selling these tools will tell you that the tests can remove unsuitable candidates early on in the process, therefore saving you time, and leaving you with the best talent pool possible for your open position. They are selling you a lie. What you should be doing with the assessments is analyzing them prior to the next step of the process. Understanding the personality, cognitive ability, or behavioral tendencies of a candidate prior to an interview, gives you, the Hiring Manager, an advantage in the interview. It should help guide the interview process and help guide the questions that you ask. It should be just one, of many variables, you are considering throughout the process. If you are eliminating candidates before giving them the chance to present themselves in person, you are doing your company a disservice and potentially missing out on the best person for your opening.

Hiring is about getting to know people. Understanding what makes a person tick. Predictive Index tests can be a part of that process, but far too often companies are replacing the human part of the interview process and thats a big mistake. Good luck in your searches in 2021!

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Cornerstone Hires Mike Murphy to Account Manager/Construction Recruiting Role

Please allow us to introduce Mike Murphy to you, as he has joined the Cornerstone family in an Account Manager/Construction Recruiter role. Mike comes to us after spending more than 10 years as a PGA Head Golf Professional in Bel Air, MD. In his former role, he was in charge of day to day operations, developing and implementing business plans, overseeing hiring and training, and most importantly providing exceptional customer service to members, guests, and vendors.

Mike has quickly shown significant value to our team and we couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to work with him. He brings a work ethic through the door every day that raises the bar, and a natural commitment to customer service that we expect for our clients and candidates.

We asked Mike about his decision to join Cornerstone and he said- “I am happy to join a team where I can continue to grow professionally under the support and guidance of industry leaders. I have followed the company, saw the growth from the outside looking in, and knew I could really contribute. I felt it was the right time for me to be a part of it. I couldn’t be more excited for what 2021 and beyond will bring.”

Mike will be focused on recruiting and managing accounts in the skilled trades, construction, and property management sectors while utilizing his large personal and professional network to help grow our business. Please reach out and congratulate Mike on his new position. You can reach him at

Cornerstone Recruiting is the leading construction recruitment agency in Maryland. We offer customizable recruiting solutions for the Construction, Skilled Trade, Manufacturing, Accounting & Finance, and Facility Management industries. Fore more information, please visit our website at

Cornerstone Announces 2020 Recruiter of The Year

Cornerstone is proud to announce that due to his dedication, hard work, and unwillingness to cave to the challenges of an extremely tumultuous year, Luther O’Bryant has been awarded with the 2020 “Recruiter of The Year” Award. In a year where a global pandemic forced construction shutdowns across the country, unemployment to skyrocket, and left Hiring Managers uncertain of their companies future, Luther exhibited a determined focus and a commitment to keep moving forward. We are grateful for your contributions to our company this past year.

Luther finished the year with a clean sweep. He generated the most fees per quarter, in every quarter of the year, placing nearly 30 direct placements with our clients. He also did so in unprecedented fashion, making placements all across the board, from skilled trade candidates making $20/hr to an Executive in NYC with a total package of over $400K/year.

Upon being awarded “Recruiter of The Year” we sat down and talked to Luther about what he attributes to his stellar year.

“I just focused on the little things. Following up on questions, giving feedback, and always making sure clients and candidates were kept in the loop. I set a standard for myself on the number of calls & emails I send out a day and made myself available after hours to speak with candidates. Working in a commission position, I learned that I can captain my own ship, create my own schedule, focus on what’s hot during the key hours and then sprinkle in time on potential opportunities in my down time. I also realized there are plenty of positions that need to be filled and I know that it only takes one good call or message to connect and create opportunity for clients, candidates, and myself.”

In recognition of his hard work and success, Luther was awarded bonuses every quarter and will be enjoying an all expenses paid vacation for two to an all inclusive resort of his choosing. If you’d like to collaborate with Luther and see how he can help you, please reach out to him at

Homebuilders Are Struggling To Find Skilled Workers

It’s a struggle we hear all too often, and we hear it a lot as headhunters in the construction industry. It goes against all logic, especially this past year when unemployment rocketed up, due to the pandemic. It left many Homebuilders scratching their heads….”Why can’t we find skilled workers?”

“A survey by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) found that builders’ top concern is labor, with 85% expecting future cost and availability problems, up from 13% in 2011. It’s a conundrum that predates the pandemic, but one that’s certainly been exacerbated by it. While unemployment peaked at almost 15% in 2020, empty construction jobs nevertheless hovered between 223,000-332,000- about the same number of open slots back when unemployment was only 4.1%. So what gives?”

Hear what business owners and industry experts are saying:

The Art of Landing the Passive Job Seeker

Finding and hiring talent is hard. Finding and hiring passive talent is harder. But in today’s competitive job markets if you aren’t targeting passive talent it is costing you more than you probably realize. Researcher’s from LinkedIn found that only 12% of the talent market is actively seeking work, while the large majority of professionals, 73% to be exact, are not actively seeking jobs. Think about that. Roughly 8 out of 10 people will not respond to your job post. Why would any company want to limit themselves to the 1 or 2 of disgruntled job seekers who are currently unhappy in their career? Does that sound like the best candidate to you? It may be, but you would be fooling yourself to believe it’s a winning strategy.

We work with hundreds of companies across the country- we know what works, we know what doesn’t. We’ve seen it all so to speak. As an Executive Search firm who prides themselves on landing passive talent for our clients- let us offer you some suggestions as you begin to think about your hiring strategies for 2021.

#1- ENGAGE A NICHE RECRUITING FIRM IN YOUR INDUSTRY– A truly niche recruiting firm who has spent years recruiting within your specific industry can be invaluable to your hiring strategy. They will uncover passive job seekers that you want to hire. They will set the stage for the interview process by selling your story, your culture, and your opportunities. They will vet candidates backgrounds and skills. They will give you a true picture of what is driving this candidates interest. All of these things, in turn, make your life as a Hiring Manager easier, and will give you more time to focus on driving profits.

#2- STOP NEEDING A MINIMUM NUMBER OF INTERVIEWS BEFORE MAKING A HIRING DECISION– I can’t stress this enough. Like I mentioned before, we’ve hired thousands of people for our clients throughout the years. I can assure you, the best way to lose a passive job seeker is to make them wait while you try to meet your antiquated interview quota. If you interview a passive job seeker and you think they are perfect for your company- act immediately. Do not let them leave the interview without an understanding that an offer is coming.

#3- ENGAGE YOUR CURRENT STAFF– Happy employees are tremendous ambassadors for your brand. It’s simple and true. Word of mouth or employee referrals are effective, but not only that, they are also free. Learning of a job at your company from a current employee can be an easy way to tap into the passive talent market without spending a dime.

#4- BE OPEN TO GIVING THEM WHAT THEY CURRENTLY DON’T HAVE– A recruiter makes this easy. This is some of the most valuable information a recruiter can provide a Hiring Manager. After all, at the end of the day, this is why the passive job seeker’s ears are open. Understand their pain points. Be creative and provide solutions for them, if possible. If you are not open to meeting the needs of a passive job seeker- you can bet your competitors are. I promise you. They are.

#5- BE IN A HURRY BUT NOT IN A RUSH– If a passive job seeker is brought to your attention or shows interest in a position with your company, act quickly. Be flexible with your interview availability- be open to an evening or weekend and start with a phone call. Do not give them a chance to rethink their decision or worse yet, look at other competitors job opportunities. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying to completely turn your interview process on its head for a passive candidate. Go through all the steps you do for all of your interviews, but do it with purpose. The longer the downtime in between steps, the less of a chance it ends in a hire.

If you want more passive candidates for your company’s job openings- please reach out to Cornerstone Recruiting today. For a full listing of the industries we serve, please visit our website at

How to Ace a Virtual Interview

There is no question that Covid-19 has changed our lives, likely forever, in all sorts of ways. The hiring process is no exception. Traditionally, candidates could go online, punch in some keywords that match their job search, and apply to jobs that best fit their skill sets. While that may still be the same, what happens from there, we believe, may have changed permanently. Don’t get me wrong, YES, there is no substitution for the tried and true face to face interview- but you may need to ace your virtual interview first.

Don’t be afraid if you have never done one before, follow this advice from The Muse and you will be masking up for an in person interview in no time. Click this link for full article;