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Interview Tips

Dressing for the Interview - Men's Tips

Your interview is not the venue for a “What Not to Wear” episode. Your fashion individuality should be left at home. Follow these tips to make a good first impression with your future employer.

The Suit

Interview Tips - Suit A suit makes the best first impression; however, that doesn’t mean the suit from your 9th grade homecoming dance. Here’s a list of “must haves” in your interview suits.

Colors: A navy blue or dark grey suit is preferable. A dark brown can also work if it is a deep shade. Steer away from earth tones such as tans or green as they are too casual. Trendy colors are a definite “no”. So the purple homecoming suit needs to stay in the closet.

Styles: As with the color, stay away from any trendy styles. Stick with the conservative. A subtle pinstripe in a dark suit can give a classic look. Wear a two or three button, two piece suit.

Fit: Make sure your suit fits well, Typically sleeves should be long enough to show ½ inch of your dress shirt when your arms are resting at your sides. When buttoned, there should be no tug marks in the fabric.


Shirt and Tie

Interview Tips - Shirt Shirt Color: Ideally a 100% white cotton shirt should be worn. However, depending on the color of your suit, an off white or pale blue shirt can also give a clean look. Avoid bright colors, patterns and any material with a sheen such as rayon.

Tie Color: A tie with a conservative pattern made of silk is ideal. It should be two to three inches wide and reach the top of your belt buckle.


Shoes and belt

Interview Tips - Shoes Shoes: Black dress shoes are strongly recommended for all suits. However, if you’re wearing a brown suit, oxblood or brown leather is your best option..

Belt: Your belt color should always match your shoe color. A traditional leather belt is your best option. And please don’t wear your trophy belt buckle from your rodeo championship.



Interview Tips - Belts Socks: Your socks should be dark and complement your belt and shoes and should be long enough to cover your ankle and leg when your pant leg rides up when you sit down.

Jewelry: Leave the bling at home. Only wedding rings and watches are universally accepted for men.

Briefcases: A portfolio or small leather briefcase containing your notebook, pen and resume is recommended.

Cologne: A light, clean fragrance is acceptable. Too much of a good smell could be offensive in a small interview room.

Hair: Short, clean, well kept hair is recommended. Facial hair should be kept to a minimum.

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