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Interview Tips

Phone Interview

Some employers may choose to conduct a phone interview prior to or in lieu of a traditional interview. A phone interview comes with it's own set of benefits as well as challenges. To avoid blunders and get the most out of your talk time read through our list of tips before you pick up the phone.

Telephone Interview Tips

Avoid distractions. Try to avoid a phone interview during your current employer's working hours. Aim for an early evening interview or during your lunch break when you can be away from your desk. Choose a quiet spot where you won't hear another phone ring or other outside noises.

Use a landline. Cell phone signals can vary causing interruptions or dropped calls. Avoid this by using a landline preferably not a cordless where there can be static in the call. Clarity in the conversation is essential.

Prepare notes. Write down key words to questions you may be asked or questions you may wish to ask your interviewer. It's important not to write full sentences as you can sound like you are reading them from a script. Instead, jot down words to refresh your memory of things you may want to ask.

Do Your Homework. Too often job seekers fail to properly prepare for telephone interviews because they feel as if they can 'wing' certain common questions. In fact, answers that lack detail or depth may come across as more hollow on the phone than they might in person despite the confidence of the job seeker! A good rule of thumb- spend at least 3X more time preparing for an interview than the interview itself is scheduled to take.

Finish strongly. Your parting words will linger with the interviewer more than your opening words will, so chose them wisely. If you have remained interested in the job opportunity as the telephone interview winds down, be certain to ask what the next steps in the hiring process are. You may even ask when you can meet in person with the interviewer and suggest a date and time. Never hang up without thanking each person with whom you spoke; thank them for their time and reiterate your interest in the position.

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