About Our Executive Search Firm

What Makes Us Different

Cornerstone Recruiting is a fully integrated staffing and recruiting firm, and is comprised of top recruiting professionals who have specific knowledge of the industries they represent. Having current, hands-on experience enables our recruiters to efficiently identify and target a particular audience to draw from. Cornerstone’s modern, personal approach is guaranteed to attract today’s most savvy talent.

Proprietary Applicant Tracking System

Our in-house, proprietary database is updated constantly to ensure that all potential passive candidates are captured in real time. All candidates entered into our system are organized according to location, position, pay scale, and keyword for easy recall later.

Industry Specific Recruiting

Cornerstone is comprised of divisions that specifically target and focus on certain industries: Construction & Skilled Trades, Facilities & Building Management, Accounting & Finance, Architecture & Engineering, and Manufacturing. Our teams have actual, hands-on experience working in these fields, which translates to a more thorough search and better communication with those professionals.

Non-traditional Recruiting Methods

We operate on the sense that “if the candidate exists, we will find them.” Aside from traditional techniques, Cornerstone recruiters regularly attend networking events, exhibit at industry specific trade shows, and proactively develop and organize pools of prospects from the passive candidates we encounter during our daily recruiting activities. We take recruiting to the next level through multidimensional marketing tactics, which enables us to focus on different groups of demographics.

Customized Recruiting Solutions

If one of our traditional solutions does not fit your need, we will custom tailor one. With options such as Contingency Search for Executive Staff, Contingency Search for Skilled Trades Workers, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Onsite Recruiting, HR Outsourcing, Applicant Tracking System Implementation, or Recruiting-on-Demand, we are dedicated to providing genuine solutions and building long-term relationships.

Structure & Approach

Each division is managed by a principal of Cornerstone, which ensures one point-of-contact, undivided attention to detail, and seamless information flow. The hours we keep have played an integral role in identifying and capturing passive candidates. We realize that a potential candidate may not speak openly during the day or at work, so we continue recruiting long after the competition has closed up for the night and during weekend hours.

What Makes Cornerstone, Cornerstone

Cornerstone Recruiting is an executive search firm that began with a belief that staffing solutions don’t have to be “one size fits all.” Each client’s business requirements and financial capabilities are as unique as their workforce needs, so why not offer a variety of solutions and customized responses to choose from? Thus, from a make-shift, basement office, Cornerstone began its quest to deliver the passion, tenacity, and dedication to every assignment – that each valued partner deserves.

Over the years, Cornerstone has earned a reputation for performing beyond client’s expectations and providing qualified personnel for even the toughest assignments nationwide. Our recruiting methods are unique, and utilize tactics that most companies do not explore when hiring. Cornerstone recruiters do not solely rely on posting jobs online or on resume boards, but instead combine traditional proven recruiting techniques with an innovative headhunting style to mine for and uncover passive candidates. We then interest them in better opportunities with better companies…yours!

We highly value the professional and individual relationships we form with our clients, and make every effort to fully comprehend their business objectives. We care about careers – not just jobs. We want to be an extension of our client’s team, not simply a vendor. This philosophy ensures a thorough understanding of a company’s business operations and the specific employees it needs to get a staffing fit just right, every time.