Challenges Remain For The 2022 Construction/Skilled Trades Labor Market

Yes, It’s a drum we will continue to keep pounding. Although the construction industry fared relatively well through the pandemic, the skilled trades labor market, like many industries is still struggling to keep up with demand. It’s a problem particularly in the skilled trades industry as most data shows for every 5 workers leaving the industry, they are being replaced by only 1. It’s a critical issue as we look at both near term and long term projections and it needs to be addressed. This article breaks down some of the main issues, as well as some what some companies are finding to be solutions for them.

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When Is The Best Time Of Year To Apply For A Job?

“January and February is the best time of year to look for a job. Hiring managers have received new hiring budgets for the year, the majority of workers are back from holiday vacation, and companies also often have a backlog of hiring that they have been meaning to do but had paused during the holiday season. For these reasons, January and February are excellent months to look for jobs.”

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Combating The Skilled Trades Stigma

Cornerstone Recruiting was founded in 2004 on this ideology. As the American media force fed young American’s the college dream- college costs simultaneously rapidly increased. Student debt, in turn, rapidly increased. We are left with a generation of debt strapped American’s with few practical skills for today’s work force and a very expensive piece of paper. We know and agree that education is the foundation on which we build the future, but for a large swatch of the population…college costs have now begun to outweigh the benefit for many paths chosen. We work every day to eliminate the skilled trades stigma that was forced onto a generation of young Americans. This 20 minute video is well worth a watch.

IRS Adjusts 2022 Tax Items Due To Inflation

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today announced the tax year 2022 annual inflation adjustments for more than 60 tax provisions, including the tax rate schedules and other tax changes.

The tax year 2022 adjustments described below generally apply to tax returns filed in 2023.

The tax items for tax year 2022 of greatest interest to most taxpayers include the following dollar amounts:

  • The standard deduction for married couples filing jointly for tax year 2022 rises to $25,900 up $800 from the prior year. For single taxpayers and married individuals filing separately, the standard deduction rises to $12,950 for 2022, up $400, and for heads of households, the standard deduction will be $19,400 for tax year 2022, up $600.

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$1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Heading to POTUS Desk

In a tightly contested vote in the House of Representatives, 228-206, the long awaited Infrastructure Bill has been passed and will head to Biden’s desk to be signed into law. The full infrastructure package will fund a range of major civil projects across the country which is sure to be a boon for the construction industry. This bill will be the largest federally funded new investment in our country’s infrastructure in a generation. More than $550 Billion is earmarked for civil works spending to include; roads, bridges, airports and rail systems and will bring these critical systems up to date with modern technology.

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The Great Resignation- Is It Real?

As companies continue to talk about getting their employees back to work…the opposite is actually happening. It is estimated that 55% of Americans are looking to resign from their current position, citing a reprioritization of their values and views of the workplace. This may be a good thing for the jobseeker, as data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that job openings have surged to an all time high. We are seeing companies adjust policies to lure these jobseekers, offering more flexibility, remote options, and raising wages to fill their openings.

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Surveys Show Job Options May Become Limited For The Unvaccinated

A new survey from finds more than two-thirds of hiring managers say they are more likely to hire someone who has been vaccinated against COVID-19 — and about a third say they will automatically toss out resumes that don’t include an applicant’s vaccination status.

Overall, about 33% of hiring managers said they will eliminate applicants who don’t include a vaccination status when submitting a resume. Another 32% of hiring managers said they won’t automatically toss resumes without a status listed but said vaccinated applicants are given priority. Another 35% of hiring managers said they don’t automatically eliminate resumes without a vaccination status.”

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Millions Lose Unemployment Benefits As Support Programs Expire

Many of the Biden Administration’s economic relief programs expire Monday September 7th, 2021, leaving only a few support programs to aid the jobless. It has been estimated that as many as 8.9MM Americans will lose all or a large portion of their economic aid, which should certainly help boost participation in the work force.

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Construction Conferences Coming to a City Near You?

Trade shows and conferences provide contractors with an effective means of learning about new technologies and ways of doing business. Last year, however, many events were forced entirely online because of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, with vaccinations being rolled out across the U.S. and case numbers decreasing, conferences are returning to their in-person roots. Follow this link to see a full list of construction related conferences through 2022.

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The Need For New Industrial Real Estate Is Booming- But Construction Costs Continue To Rise

A recent report from CBRE suggests that the United States will need to add an additional 330MM square feet of industrial warehouse space, dedicated to online fulfillment, by 2025 to keep up with a 26% increase in e-commerce sales. Vacancy rates have been low across the country for industrial real estate space, however companies can expect to pay 25% more to build the new spaces that are desperately needed.

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